Hanfu: The second dimension through time and space

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hanfu, the traditional Chinese dress of the Han people, dates back to the Han Dynasty period in ancient China. The design and style of hanfu have changed in different dynasties, but overall it reflects the ancient Han dress culture. In modern society, hanfu has been refocused and used in a number of occasions and activities, becoming a culturally significant fashion choice.

The expression “time-traveling secondary” may involve the reinterpretation and recreation of Hanfu in modern secondary culture (referring to secondary culture represented by anime, manga, games, etc.).

The combination of secondary yuan and Hanfu may be expressed in the following ways:
1.Secondary yuan cultural activities:

In some secondary yuan cultural activities, exhibitions or comic shows, people may wear Hanfu in secondary yuan style, combining traditional Hanfu elements with secondary yuan culture to show a unique fashion style.
2.Secondary theme works:

Some secondary-themed comics, anime, and novels may feature characters wearing hanfu, a creation that reflects a re-imagining of the traditional hanfu and gives it a secondary aesthetic.
3.ROMESON Social media and fashion influences:

On social media, some fashion bloggers or influencers may display outfits in unique ways, incorporating traditional hanfu into secondary fashion and influencing the aesthetic concepts of some young people.
4.Creative design and customization:

Some designers and clothing brands may introduce secondary style designs for hanfu, attracting groups who like secondary culture through innovative patterns and color schemes.
It should be noted that the understanding and use of hanfu are diverse, and people’s interpretation of traditional culture may vary according to individual differences. On the occasion of combining hanfu and secondary yuan, it is more of a cross-border fusion of traditional and modern, oriental and western elements, showing the diversity and creativity of fashion.

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