Brief description of the Chinese Hanfu, the jacket and skirt of the material, cutting technology and wearing characteristics

hanfu aoqun

As a typical form of traditional women’s clothing, the zori skirt in Chinese hanfu is full of unique flavor and cultural connotations in its material, cutting process and wearing characteristics.
The materials used for the zori skirt are mainly silk , linen and cotton. Silk hanfu is favored because of its softness, smoothness and brilliant color, which can highlight the elegance and nobility of the jacket. Hemp is breathable and suitable for summer wear. Cotton, on the other hand, is soft and comfortable, and is often used in winter or for dresses that need to be kept warm. In addition, various patterns of weaving, embroidery and other decorative techniques are used to add beauty and artistic value to the zori.
The cutting process of zori skirts is relatively complicated, and usually uses a combination of flat cutting and three-dimensional cutting. First, the fabric is cut into shapes according to the wearer’s figure and size, such as the bodice and sleeves of a blouse and the skirt of a dress. Then, the parts are put together through sewing, pleating, and other processes to form a complete jacket-skirt. Pleating is an important part of zori skirt making, and it makes the skirt fluffier and more layered.
Wearing characteristics:
The wearing characteristics of a zori skirt are mainly in its layering and looseness. Generally speaking, the zori skirt consists of a blouse and a skirt, with the blouse being tightly fitted to emphasize the curves of the wearer’s body, while the skirt is relatively loose to cover the legs, making it dignified and generous. In addition, the wearer of the jacket and skirt also pays attention to the matching of accessories, such as headdresses, belts, jade pendants, etc. These accessories not only add a sense of magnificence to the overall look, but also show the identity and status of the wearer.
Overall, the Chinese hanfu jacket and skirt, with its unique material, cutting process and wearing characteristics, shows the flavor of traditional culture and women’s elegant temperament. It is not only an important carrier of traditional culture, but also one of the examples of modern fashion combined with traditional elements.

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