Briefly describe the Chinese hanfu, the material used, the cutting process and the wearing characteristics of the mamian skirt

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As a unique form of dress, the Mamian skirt in Chinese Hanfu is full of traditional flavor and characteristics in its material, cutting process and wearing characteristics.


Mamian dresses are mostly made of natural fiber materials such as silk, linen or cotton. These materials are soft and breathable, comfortable to wear, and have good drape and gloss, which can emphasize the elegance and magnificence of the Mamian skirt. At the same time, the materials used in horse-faced dresses also pay attention to color and pattern matching, common colors are red, green, blue, purple and other bright and vivid colors, the pattern includes flowers, birds, insects, geometric patterns, etc., full of artistic and decorative.

Cutting process:

The cutting process of horse-faced dresses is relatively unique and usually adopts a flat cutting method. First, the fabric is cut into shapes, such as skirts and hemlines, according to the figure and size of the wearer. Then, the various parts are combined through pleating, stitching, and other processes to form a complete Mamian skirt. Horse-faced skirts are characterized by their wide hemlines, which show a distinct fan or square shape, a design that not only covers the legs, but also demonstrates a woman’s solemnity and generosity.

Wearing characteristics:

The wearing characteristics of the Mamian skirt are mainly reflected in its elegance and solemnity and sense of hierarchy. Because of the wide hemline of the horse skirt, it can show a solemn and gorgeous temperament when wearing. At the same time, the horse skirt also focuses on matching with the top, usually with a short top, forming a short top and long bottom wearing effect, which can highlight the curves of the female body, but also to show the overall harmony and beauty. In addition, the wearing of the horse face skirt also pays attention to the matching of accessories, such as headdresses, belts, etc., which not only add to the overall look of the magnificent sense, but also highlight the identity and status of the wearer.

Overall, the mamian skirt in Chinese Hanfu shows the flavor of traditional culture and the elegant temperament of women with its unique material, cutting process and wearing characteristics. It is not only an important carrier of traditional culture, but also one of the examples of modern fashion combined with traditional elements.

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